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As you sit in the back of the rig, pulling out of the engine bay, you wonder what this call will bring. 'Will there be a child involved?' 'How involved with this one car be in fire?'

As the driver starts up the siren, you get the same adrenaline rush that you get every time you're on the way to a call, but this time is different. This time, with the snow flakes comming down so gently, and the sun just going down, you have a gut feeling that something will set this call apart from other calls.

People and cars move out of the way as you and the rest of the station book down the highway, noticing the driver is being a little cautious in the snow. "Getting a little slippery up there Keith?" you ask. "Nothing I can't handle. But who knows about everybody else who panics at the sight of a snow flake."

Over your radio head-set, dispatch comes on with additional information. "Attention all units en route to the accident at mile marker 133. Switch over to channel 3 for additional information." The driver switches the channel. "Police are now on the scene with a situation report. They adivse that a sport utility vehicle packed full of passengers was speeding down the highway. It began to slip on the un-salted road, and then continued to fishtail and spin across the lanes on travel."

"The vehicle crashed into several vehicles before overturning. However, several cars proceeded to crash into the over-turned car, which is blocking the number 3 lane. This is all additional information currently known. Time out, 19:30."

As you speed down the highway in a convoy of emergency vehicles, the snow picks up to a heavy pace, now greatly limiting visibility. You also notice several small accidents on the side of the road as you pass. You hear units dispatched to them, but so far your's is the worst.

You get on scene and hop out of the rig. Over taken by the scene, you wonder where to start first. You also notice that your engine was first on scene, making you and your fellow firefighters the IC, or incident command.

You all look at the captian for your assignments. "Jon, you set up flares and cones for as much visibility as possible." "Keith, you and Sam get that 1/4 inch hose off the rig and find the nearest hydrant. We need to get that car out." "And I want you to act as the first in officer while I triage the patients. Sketch out the accident scene." The captian yells as he points at you.

"Lets go men! MOVE! MOVE!"

So, you are now the First-in officer, pretty cool eh? Well stop smiling and start that sketch!!

Copyright Brad Schargorodski and Pat Halbrook 1997 thru 1999.

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