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Well you've made it to the pic page. Now ironically, this is the only page where you won't find any pics on the actual page, but rather you have to click on the file name to check 'em out. If you'd rather see all the pics on a few seperate pages, instead of clicking on the words, click here.
They are all in .jpg format for easier viewing, and they are mostly pictures taken by me, some however are from other sources, but they are all credited where necessary. They are both around the station, and at fireground scenes.
Plese feel free to use them as much as you want, just give me, and the others, some credit, and send me an e-mail telling me where the pics are so I can come see 'em! Note, however, that some of the pictures were both taken, and used without permission from those in the pictures. Therefore, if you use a picture, you take full responsibility for any repercussions.
Thanks and enjoy!

Medic Series Pictures

1. Medic 432 bookin' it down the road, tryin to make it through an intersection, being closely folowed by a cavalcade of police, engines and chiefs.

2. Medic 432 en route to a traffic accident call in the early evening. Taken from the side

3. Reserve Ambulance 432 behind the station.

4. Reserve Ambulance 432 Behind the station taken from the right side.

5. Medic 432 en route to a traffic accident call. Taken from the front.

6. Great picture of the side of Med 432 at night all lit up!

7. The front cab of Med 432 at night all lit up.

Engine Series Pictures

1. The front of Engine 432 in the engine bay.

2. The front of Engine 432 outside in the sun.

3. The left side of Engine 432 outside in the sun.

4. The right side of Engine 432 outside in the sun.

5. The back of Engine 432 outside in the sun.

Misc. Series Pictures

1. Picture of Fairfax County Police crusier going past at 70 m.p.h on his way to some where important. Probably the donut shop!

2. EMS captian 403 on "B" shift sitting in his spiffy, souped-up, Suburban.

Accident Series Pictures

1. The back of squad 433 arriving at the scene of the accident in front of Food Lion.

2. Ambulance 414 Arriving on the scene of the Food Lion accident.

3. At cop arriving on the scene of the Food Lion Accident.

4. The Food Lion Accident scene from a far.

5. The lady who was hit, was trapped in her car (red car at the right of the pic). Scattered glass litters the ground. With time being of the esscence, Fire Fighters must move quickly.

6. The Hurst tool, a.k.a the "jaws of life", had to be brought out in order to remove the woman from the car. The door was taken off at the hinges.

7. The woman had to be carefully removed from the car with spinal and internal injuries in mind. The police officer in the back calms by-standers down.

8. The woman had to be placed on a back board to be transported to the hospital. The officer in the back talks to the upset and worried son and daughter of the woman.

9. The scene after the woman has been removed and transported. The scene, which was once chaos before the fire fighters arrived, is now a calm and erie place with a hunk of metal that used to be a car and broken glass lining the parking lot.

10. The police gather information from witnesses after the scene is declared safe.

11. A blue car involved in a T-bone/head on. Definatley a horrible MVA.

12. A closer view of the blue car from the other side. Looks like a crumpeled up tin can.

13. Yet another close view of the car. If anything would convince me to wear a seat belt...

14. A LifeFlight chopper en route to the LZ at an accident scene with the firefighters hurridly running towards it.

15. Firefighters Extricating a passenger from a small white sedan using the Hurst tool.

16. The aftermath of the accident on the crumpled car.

17. An accident in the snow involving a G.O.D. 18 wheel truck, and a small car.

18. Firefighters/medics admistering care to a patient after an MVA.

19. A car on the slope of an off-ramp after a horrible collision.

20. Two firefighters use team work, along with the Hurst tool, to free a passenger in an MVA after cribbing the car.

21. A horrible accident where a small red car was decappitated by an 18 wheel truck.

22. An accident involving a motorcycle and a black pick-up.

23. Firefighters on thier knees at a prolonged extrication.

24. A car involved in extrication after going over a cliff.

25. The front of a blue pick-up after a horrible head-on.

26. The chief and 2 firefighters involved in extrication.

27. A car in a snowy accident involved in extrication.

28. A pick-up involved in a single car vs. tree.

29. 4 firefighters heavily involved in cribbing and extricating an over turned car on the highway.

30. Firefighters and medics preparing a victim to be transported to the hospital.

More pics to come!

And remember, Always wear your seatbelt!!!!!!!!


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