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Welcome to the Burke Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Homepage.
We hope you enjoy your time while your here. On the site you will find a good deal of up-to-date information on topics from industrial, business and home safety, to fun for kids, and an on-line store. Please take a few minutes to sign the guestbook, and sign up for the on-line news letter.

The Burke Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department has been serving the Burke, Virginia area of Fairfax County for over 50 years, catering to the needs of over blank number of residents, and blank square miles of response area. In 1998, we recieved over blank calls for help from the residents of Burke, and the surrounding area of Fairfax County.
In July of 1997, the station was crippled by a devestating fire which caused the station to be condemded, and most of the equipment and units to be retired. However, thanks to the residents of Burke, we raised enough money to construct a make-shift garage, and continue to serve the residents of our great county. We currently are planning on breaking ground on the new proposed station in the next month or so. If you would like to make a donation, every bit helps, please click here to do so.


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