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CPR, short for cardio pulmonary rucessation, is a skill that everyone has the civic duty of learning. CPR is administered to a patient who has no pulse and is not breathing. With a combonation of chest compressions and mouth to mouth breathing, a CPR provider can keep a person, in cardiac arrest, from suffering serious circumstances, and even death. The American Heart Association claims that 1 in 7 people will have the chance to administer CPR. This means that chances are over 100 people who visit this very page will be faced with a cardiac arrest, and a chance to do something about it.
The Burke VFD currently gives classes to the public in CPR for 1 and 2 rescuer, infant, child and adult. If you live in the area of BVFRD, click here for more info on when the classes meet and how you can learn CPR to possibly save a life.

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