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The snow is falling gently on your note pad as you being to draw out the scene. You can see the other units pulling up in the distance, so you know you have to act fast in order to command all the incoming units.
You draw a crude sketch of the scene. You never did have the best drawing skills when your heart is going a million miles a minute and your hands are shaking.

So, now its up to you. What to do next. What to do. What to do.

You notice that even though you have the area well lit with flares and cones, the traffic seems to be going at too fast a speed for the conditions.
Suddenly a passing car spins out of control and runs right into the side of your rig, knocking a firefighter to the ground breaking his arm and injuring the driver of the car that hit the rig. This happens just as the other units pull up.
Fortunatley your rig can still pump, and a line has been pulled to the burning car.
But what action should you now take?
Should you call for more units to the scene to help triage?
Should you get the firefighters off the newly arriving rigs and get them to crib and extricate the passengers of the burnt vehicle?
Should you call the medics over to the cars and try to get the patients assessed as quickly as possible and get them to the hospital?

You hope you make the right decision. The lives of many are in your hands!

Copyright Brad Schargorodski and Pat Halbrook 1997 thru 1999.

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