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7:15 p.m.

It's early evening and you and the rest of the firefighters on the engine with you have just finished cooking what looks to be a great dinner. A half chicken per person, accompained by green beans and mashed potatos. The captain jokes about the day's lack of calls as you set the table with the dishes and silverware. "So I says to the guy, 'Hey buddy, it's your tax dollars at work!' And he looks at me like I'm kidding!" Everyone laughs and nods. You continue you'r work, noticing that the snow that had started earlier this January day has now picked up to a good clip. "Hey guys, check out the snow. You think we should go make snow angels in the front yard.. naked!" Firefighter Techie Jon Brown jokes. It's fine with me, as long as Keith doesn't take them clothes off. I feel sorry for his wife!" says the captian.

You laugh, but are really pretty disappointed that this is one of your first days at Cyberpsycho's Fire Station, and no calls have come in yet. Now that it's snowing, however, things are sure to pick up.

Just as you and the rest of your co-workers sit down to dig into the food, the house lights come on, the garage doors open, and the bell rings twice, followed by the loud buzzing tone.

Everybody moans as they longingly look at thier dinner plates, still full, but the whole station runs to the ready room to see what the call is and where it's located.

As you get there, dispatch is comming over the loud speaker with the details. You hope its just a fender bender from the snow so you can get back to your dinner, but you listen closely.

(Cracking of speakers) Engine, medic, squad and quint from Cybrpsycho's Fire Station, squad from station 414 and medic and ambulance from station 362. Respond to the accident at the Northwest overpass, highway 66, mile marker 133. All units be advised that 4 cars are reportedly involved in the accident, 1 on fire and one overturned. All units respond priority one. Time out, 19:20.

"Alright boys, lets saddle up and get 'em out. Sounds like a good one!" The captian yells.

Well what the heck are you waiting for? Lets go!!!

Copyright Brad Schargorodski and Pat Halbrook 1997 thru 1999.

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